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Are you feeling good right now?

Whatever you're doing right now, you're doing because you felt you really had nothing better to do.

If you don't like what you're doing right now, change your internal valuation system of what constitutes a better thing to do in this moment!

Change the valuation system and the action will change and stay changed. Trying to change the action will get you one or two successes and a relapse.

Change your values. That's what metanoia means. That's what repentance means. Not "feeling bad about yourself."

Change your values to the good-feeling values and feel good about yourself.

That's how you fuel the good actions: you feel good.


I believe in extra-biblical truths

I believe in extra-biblical truths.

And so do you.

For example, I believe that water is made of hydrogen and oxygen. That's extra-biblical. I believe that electric cars transfer pollution to electricity-generating power plants. That's extra-biblical. I believe the quartz movement is more accurate than the traditional Swiss movement. That's extra-biblical. I believe coffee should be drunk without milk or sugar. That's extra-biblical. (And an opinion, what's more.)

Even the Amish, who've decided to freeze time in the horse-and-buggy era, have electric turn signals on their buggies.

We're all extra-biblical. We're all hypocrites. "Let God be true and every man a liar." That's biblical.

My point? Relax. Don't be so anxious to live only-biblically. Don't be so anxious to point out what's biblical and what's not. Chances are, you don't really know.


Have you heard of this scary digital currency?

There's a digital currency that's not backed by anything. No gold. No silver. No reserves of any kind.

It exists only on a digital ledger.

Although, a small portion of it is stored on printed papers with unique serial numbers denoting their value. If lost or destroyed, the value stored on those papers is gone forever.

Despite being backed by nothing, this digital currency has grown exponentially in use and adoption (by the blind masses, according to its critics). These critics say that the users and holders of this currency have not done their due diligence research into what this currency actually is. They speak of a bubble and massive devaluation coming, down the line.

What is this digital currency?

That's right.

The US dollar.

(If that upsets you, replace USD with GBP, EUR, SGD, MYR, etc.).

Bitcoin is like the US dollar: It's digital, it's invisible, it's intangible, it's not backed by anything.

Bitcoin is unlike the US dollar: It's stored on a public ledger that anyone can examine. It's limited in supply (to 21 million bitcoins, ever). Whereas infinite dollars can be created (inevitably reducing the value of each dollar to approaching zero), a hard limit of bitcoins can be mined, increasing the value of each bitcoin as they become scarcer.


Are you fishing yet?

What you feed grows. What if you feed "the poor"? Will the poor grow as a category? I think so.

Does this mean that we stop feeding the poor?

The old adage goes that if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. (Must be a big fish.) If you teach him to fish, you feed him for life.

So, I don't think we should stop feeding the poor. I think we should teach them "to fish," on top of giving them fish. Give them fish so they have enough strength to learn how to fish. Then they should continue the cycle by teaching others to fish, while giving them enough fish for strength till they learn how to fish.

Some will still refuse to learn to fish. These will continue to be poor and complain, while they subsist on a fish a day.

I think we should give them a daily fish anyway. Because you never know. From the ranks of the fish-subsisters may at any time rise a great fisherman. (See "Ratatouille," the Pixar film.)

Are you fishing? Or are you waiting for your daily (or weekly or monthly) fish? Do you need to learn how to fish? It's a learnable skill.


Do you do what you love? Or do you love what you do?

Do you do what you love? Or do you love what you do? There's a subtle distinction that makes a world of difference.

What is this difference?

Do what you love, and there's no guarantee that enough others love it or even have use for it. Do you love collecting beer coasters, for example?

Love what you do, and it's likely that you're already doing something that enough people value enough to pay you. And if you love doing it, you're going to be doing it well - and improving as well.

In short, "do what you love" is amateur hour. "Love what you do" is professional passion.

And it's not about money. It's about value. It's not just "hard" services like law and accounting that people pay for because they have to value them. People also pay for movies, games, toys - things that inspire them and give them a moment's respite from things like law and accounting.

If you're getting paid, you're giving value somewhere. If you give more value, you get paid more.

And it's still not about the money. Do you think that maybe God and the universe like it when you give value to others, and they've set things up to reward you for it?

Think about it.


Life is like bowling - straight down the lane with a little curve and stay out of the gutters on either extreme

As a kid, you start with certainty. Santa is good. Satan is bad. School is good. Play is a waste of time. (Which really messed you up, because you couldn't help but play, and feel bad at the same time.)

As an adolescent, you rebel. Santa is a cruel joke. The devil is the epitome of independent thought. School's a waste of time. Play is good. (So you indulge in too much of it.)

As a grownup, you come to terms with paradox (hopefully). Everything contains good and bad. Every ideology has a grain of truth in it.

Where are you in your mental, philosophical growth stage?


Why God wants to give us more than we can ask or think

Scripture says that God will give us more than we can ask or think. This is because we don't really know what we want. We ask for a million dollars, when we actually want financial liberty. God knows it takes more than a million dollars, so he gives us more than we can ask or think.

That's why we must ask with openness. To have, say, "a million dollars or something better." God knows it takes more than a million dollars, and he'll try to give it. But if we're hung up on "one million dollars," we won't be able to receive the "more than we can ask or think."

So, ask. Ask away. Realising that we don't fully know what we're asking for. So ask for "X or something better." And be willing and ready to be surprised.

Meanwhile, as you mature as a person, your asking will get wiser and more accurate to begin with.


I have come to love duckface


Duckduckgo is a privacy search engine, Chrome extension and mobile browser.

You might like it, if you don't like being spied on all the time.

Join the Duck Side: duckduckgo.com


How to get into the 1%

According to the maths, if you hold 0.28 of a bitcoin, you'll be in the world's 1%: https://thebitcoin.pub/t/bitcoin-is-still-at-an-early-stage-if-you-hold-0-28-btc-you-re-part-of-the-1/48398

How crazy is that?

How much bitcoin do you want to own?


Be reasonable with criticism of the human race

Graphic video depicting animal sexual activity: 


A dolphin was filmed masturbating itself using a dead fish. Is that necrophilia? Is that rape? Is that bestiality? All I know is that people like to point out the goodness of animals and declare that the human race is doomed to destruction for its sins.

Fact is, animals beat humans at being animals. Sure there are exceptions, but that's the norm; animals are disgusting.

They're also loving, heroic and awe-inspiring, at times.

But the same can also be said of the human race. More often, of the human race, in fact.

Except for dogs, maybe. Dogs are amazing.


If a placebo works, it's an effective cure

Placebos work sometimes. So, shouldn't the question be, "Why do placebos work and how do we standardise their efficacy?"

This video really is mind-blowing.



It's best to read a book in its original language

What happens if you read the Old Testament, not with modern eyes, but with ancient ears?



Like a blind man trying to find a black cat in a dark room

There's an old chestnut that theology is like a blind man trying to find a black cat in a dark room.

If so, divine revelation is like a black cat calling out to a blind man in a dark room - and then healing his blindness when he finds him.

When who finds whom, though? I'm intentionally ambiguous on that point.



Doubt your fears

What makes you think that what you fear is real?

Doubt your fears.


Clean as you go

"I figure it out as I go. I don't need to know, I figure it out as I go."




It doesn’t matter whether you identify with Christianity, a particular church, or none at all. But this story begins back when I was pastoring a church.

Someone back then commented about another congregation, that it was a “feel good church.”
They meant it as an insult, but it got me thinking, Well, yea. Should it be a “feel bad church” instead? What good does that do?

And so my philosophy of a church is that it should be a “feel good church.” At least most of the time. (Sometimes you do bad, and then you should feel bad.)
But basically, Jesus commanded his followers to preach the “good news.” Not “bad news.”

So, does good news make you feel good or bad?
Of course it makes you feel good!

Yet, Christ did not advocate escapism or denial.
The fact is, sometimes we mess up. Sometimes we do evil. Only then should we feel bad for having done wrong. But the message of Christ is that God forgives, and God makes things right again. That’s the good news of the gospel.

So, if you’ve been made right, do you feel good or bad?
You feel good, of course!

Now, I know that some churches have a culture where they only feel good if they’re feeling bad. “We’re sinners saved by grace, after all, and don’t you ever forget that!”

Well, yea. But what’s a sinner who’s been saved? A saint.

So you’re a saint.

Why do you keep pretending to be a sinner, then? Because someone told you that you should feel bad?

Look, this is how it works. You realise your depravity. You feel bad. You look to God for his divine grace. You experience a transformation. And you feel good.

And you should feel good – until and unless the power of grace becomes of no more effect. (Which is never.)

That’s why I don’t ever advocate walking around under a black cloud of condemnation. That’s an affront to the work of Christ on the cross.
You should feel good because Christ has made you good.
Anything less is a lie.

Beating yourself up, self-flagellation, is an expression of an internal belief that the transforming work of Christ is somehow insufficient and you need to make up for it with some effort of your own.

So I advocate for a good-feeling conscience as the normal human state. Not guilt, shame and inadequacy.

I promote a “feel good tribe.”
I call it Fuel Good Tribe because I’m a punny guy and I enjoy wordplay.

Christ has made you good. So you should “feel” good.
And this good feeling should “fuel” good works on your part. Naturally, not compulsively.
If you feel good, you’ll do good and be good without conscious strain. It just flows.

So, yea, my feel good tribe isn’t narcissistic, but world healing. It’s life-giving. It’s concerned with personal, spiritual growth.

And when you’re feeling good, it means that you’re well in every aspect.

  • Spirit? Check.
  • Relationships? Check.
  • Work? Check.
  • Body? Check.
  • Money and things? Check.

Fuel Good Tribe is about feeling good and doing good because you’ve been made good by divine grace.
Simple as that. No adding on to the work of Christ, who on the cross said, “It is finished.”

We identify with the death of Christ. Our sins, sorrows, selfishness put to death.

We identify with the resurrection of Christ. Our spirit, significance and satisfaction brought to life.

I care less whether you identify with Christianity, a particular church, or none at all.
I care that you identify with Christ, the revelation of the “second Adam.” The divine human. (Pardon me if this terminology is obscure. I’ll unpack it in a later post.)
I care that you see the divine when you look in the mirror every morning.


FUEL is food. It's that which keeps us going.

GOOD is nature. That which perpetuates life and itself.

TRIBE is a community of people who identify with each other and a central idea.

FUEL GOOD is also a pun. Because I just love me a good pun. FUEL GOOD is a homophonic phrase for FEEL GOOD.

To FEEL GOOD is to have a clear conscience and an aligned intuition. It is a barometer that things are going well, according to a transcendent, mystical ideal.

It is that sense of FLOW.

Welcome to the FUEL GOOD TRIBE.


This is me.
Alpha Lim

Mystic Preacher Man